When The Media Fat Shames

Let’s try to be more empathetic to the struggles and differences of others and not prop ourselves up for a laugh at their expense. If you can’t be that, try harder just to keep your mouth shut.

One Man’s Story of Eating-Disorder Recovery

Brian Cuban spoke recently about being a grown man with bulimia and anorexia nervosa; about the shock it elicits when he brings up his diagnoses, and the childhood relationships and family dynamics that fostered them.

Kicking My Own Ass

Through years fo therapy and self exploration I have learned that I am not a dumb bunny. Neither are you. You are loved. If you are engaging in self-harm, reach out and let the people who love you, help you.

Thanksgiving Turkey, Gravy And An Eating Disorder

There is support during the holidays. There is support every other day. If you are ashamed and worried about the stress and, guilt of this time of year. Seek out those who love you. Seek out those who have bee where you are. We are out there. We are ready to help.