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“Trauma and Shame are gatekeepers to Happiness” – Brian Cuban

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Brian Cuban, the younger brother of Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban, is a Dallas-based attorney, author and addiction recovery advocate. He is a graduate of Penn State University and The University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Brian has been in long-term recovery from alcohol, cocaine and bulimia since April of 2007.  He currently resides in Dallas with his wife and two cats.

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The Ambulance Chaser by Brian Cuban

The Ambulance Chaser released as the #1  selling debut paperback thriller!

Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer and part-time drug dealer Jason Feldman’s life goals are simple: date hot women, earn enough cash to score cocaine on a regular basis, and care for his dementia-ravaged father. That all changes when a long-lost childhood friend contacts him about the discovery of buried remains belonging to a high school classmate who went missing thirty years prior, and the fragile life Jason’s built over his troubled past is about to come crashing down. Soon, he’s on the run across Pittsburgh and beyond to find his old friend, while trying to figure out whom to trust among Ukrainian mobsters, vegan drug dealers, washed-up sports stars, an Israeli James Bond, and an ex-wife who happens to be the district attorney. The only way he’ll survive is if he overcomes his addictions so he can face his childhood demons.



Brian has presented virtually and in-person at laws schools around the country.  He shares his journey as well as insights on how law schools can better improve the mental health awareness process and provide more touch points for students to seek help and relieve stress.  


Brian has presented virtually and in-person at Am Law firms, and legal conferences around the country.  He shares his journey as well as insights on how lawyers and law firms can better improve mental health awareness as well as creating a compassionate community.


Brian has keynoted addiction and general mental health recovery and awareness events across the country and in Canada. As his audience said “His keynote is was insightful and captivating as he touched the audience with his candor about addiction and mental health recovery.”

Law Schools

Bar Associations / Legal Professions Events

Addiction / Mental Health Recovery

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Eating Disorder Recovery

Suicide Awareness


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