The Hitler Pact: A Blood Oath

The American descendants of Adolf Hitler live under assumed names in a quiet, working-class suburb of Long Island.

Alexander Adolf, Louis, and Brian William are native New Yorkers. Never married. No children. Two have their own landscaping business. One is a social worker. Another brother, Howard, died in an auto accident.

How did relatives of Hitler end up living in the United States? It begins with his nephew, William Patrick Hitler.

William Patrick was born in Liverpool in 1911. He was the son of Adolph Hitler’s half-brother Alois. He moved to Berlin in the 1930’s. His last name and resemblance to his half-brother became lucrative assets. Hitler himself regarded William as a freeloader and a buffoon. One of his “most repulsive relatives.” As Germany prepared to invade Poland, William left for the United States.

In the US, much as modern-day celebrities, William charged per public appearance. He regaled American audiences with life “inside the Nazi Reich.” Things changed when America entered the war. Fear reprisal and ridicule replaced the desire to profit.  William attempted to enlist in the military. His application rejected, he wrote a protest letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. As one can imagine, a letter from a blood relative to the man considered “evil incarnate” caused a stir. An FBI investigation ensued. The letter triggered an investigation by the FBI. He was then allowed to enlist in the United States Navy.

After the war, William Patrick made his way to Long Island, NY. He passed away in 1987. Besides the material things, he handed down to his children, they inherited his infamous last name. A name so tainted, they may have thought the only option was to deny themselves, children.

There are many unanswered questions about the brothers. Has the stigma of the last name affected their psychological health? What can genetic testing of these brothers tell us? Are the brothers carrying any genetic markers that would offer some explanation for Hitler’s psychopathic behavior? Can genetic testing tell us whether the oft-repeated rumor that Hitler himself had Jewish lineage is true?

According to Dr. Fritz Redlich in his book, “Diagnosis of A Destructive Prophet,”  Hitler feared that his paternal grandfather was Jewish. As noted in the book, Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, few publications examine this issue. None have verified sources. Pages 172-175 contain a fascinating discussion of arguments on both sides of the coin.

To get a better perspective on the DNA issue, I consulted the author and historian Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg Ph.D. He has written Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” and Rescued From The Reich.” He says

If the DNA shows anything, it will show how interconnected we all are. It might answer questions about his Jewish background but would not tell us anything about violent tendencies. Regardless of his background, he was an angry, evil man. In the end, it would help us realize that we can learn how to embrace the good in us and fight evil regardless of genetics. In the end, you do not need proof of Hitler’s genetics to learn this truth about humanity.”

Will the Hitler brothers open up about the burden of their lineage? Will they tell us whether they entered into a pact never to marry or have children?

The Hitler Nephews are reportedly writing their own book about their lives.




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  1. Brian,

    Good stuff, very interesting.

    I’m a double major at CSUN. history and journalism.

    read Trevor Roper, Joachim Fest Hitler. WW11 and Holocaust history was somewhat of a passion and specialization of mine. Many persons proclaim that Hitler was from a Jewish background..Many great historians have dis-proven this. Anyway, I think one of the greatest pieces of work on the Holocaust and WW11 is Daniel Goldhagen’s Ordinary Germans in Nazi Germany.. very well researched and documented..He’s an excellent writer.

    kevins last blog post..The CIA Selling Drugs (Must Watch!!)

  2. The results of genetic testing would certainly be fascinating. I can’t imagine living under such an awful legacy. Interestingly, their type of self sacrifice is a concept that was completely alien to Adolph Hitler.

    Stephs last blog post..The Deltoids of Compassion

    1. My dear, you couldn't be more wrong about the type of self sacrifice the nephew's of Hitler may be demonstrating by not continuing their blood line. You say that it is a concept "completely alien to Adolph Hitler". On the contrary, the creed of Germany at the time of the war was of it's people to demonstrate "Duty, Discipline, AND Self Sacrifice" to the fatherland. What's interesting to note is that this creed is the exact opposite of America's precepts of "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Your comments are welcome.

      Earl Bigg

  3. So basically, entire families don’t deserve to exist simply because of their ancestory. This is not an alien concept to Hitler at all.

  4. I don’t blame him for changing his name. William Patrick Hitler changes his name from Hitler to Hiller to Stewart-Houston to Stuart-Houston. There are only a few remaining relatives of William Patrick Stuart-Houston. Alexander, Louis, and Brian Stuart-Houston are never been married and the bloodline will die by the year 2065 (give or take a few years). Stuart-Houston brothers will be with the Lord at the time the bloodline ceases to exist.

  5. I don’t like the choice they have made to end their family blood line. I’m sure that the Hitler family had respectable members before Adolf caused the death of so many millions. Their blood is not a sickness, it is simply shared by a mad man who is now dead. How about giving a Hitler a chance to do good in the future, or maybe make strides yourselves in that direction instead of just hiding. You could use your infamous name to become strong speakers against atrocities that are still happening in the world. You can never make up for what happened but you don’t have to suffer for it either.

  6. even more interesting… there is a marie stuart-houston that lives in the same rural town as the brothers and their mother. she's in her mid 40's… no mention of her in any articles… maybe one of them did get married…

  7. Wow! What an insightful article. The illuminati bloodlines may be a factor in their "blood oath" and may be why they have made this pact. "Blood Oaths" are also an issue today with the underground Nazi movement which is ALIVE and WELL, relating if not one and the same to the "Blood Libel" and supposed martyrdom. Those who follow the Nazi doctrine secretly need to realize that their masters or leaders have no compassion for their own suffering and will torture and maim them in the same fashion, it is not limmited to the Jews.

    I agree with Jon's above comment, and as someone of Jewish decent, I have a deep empathy for the nephews for the legacy of their father. While I do not blame them for their choice, I don't think it is fair that they are sacrificing themselves for deeds of their father. Hitler was a puppet of the illuminati, even if he was a member, we can not blame or scorn the offspring. Blessed are the children.

    On the issue of abuse, Joseph Mengele, and not to defend his actions at all, but he was also abused and unloved, the man who kept his daughter in his "dungeon" and repeatedly raped her over a period of 20 years who was arrested in the mid 90s, was found to also have been horribly abused as well. It is obvious Violence begets violence, and our world is heading for a very horrible time if we do not come together and heal this.

    I'll leave this with a bit of spiritual wisdom.

    Dhammapada 1:5-6
    (The Twin Verses of Buddha)

    "Hatred does not cease by
    hatred in this world.
    By love alone it ceases.
    This is an eternal law."

    "Those who forget that death will
    come to all are caught up in conflicts.
    For those that remember,
    Quarrels come to an end."

  8. I think you're painting a much darker picture than necessary. The fact is, William Patrick Hitler changed his name to Stuart-Houston, and he and his family led normal American lives. He owned a phlebotamy business and provided service for his neighbors. Not only that, he fought against his uncle in the U.S. Navy and renounced his Hitler's beliefs, and his children appeared to be typical American boys, all of whom had good jobs.

    Howard was a treasury agent when he was killed in a traffic accident, Louis is a social worker and Alex and Brian own their own landscaping business, a livelihood which counts on the good will of their neighbors. And the fact is, many people who lived in the same neighborhood as the family when the boys were growing up knew their secret.

    It's true they have never married, and are believed to have made a pact not to have children. I can understand not continuing the bloodline.

    I think their story is one of strength and determination to try to do right, in the face of a horrible lineage that they had absolutely nothing to do with. I think their fortitude and high moral character would have made them good parents, and good husbands.

  9. By the way, while you were busy sensationalizing, you forgot to do some basic homework. Leprosy, or myobacterium leprae, aka Hansen's Disease, is not a heritable illness. It is caused by a microorganism. The method of transmission is not well understood but is thought to be via touch or nasal mucosa (ie., sneezing).

    As for certain rejection, are you aware that Ted Bundy received multiple wedding proposals while on death row? By comparison, these men have done nothing wrong and do not deserve this cruel and voyeuristic treatment. Leave them alone and quit salivating all over their lives. It's indecent.

  10. These men could get married, take their wives last name and adopt. No icky Hitler genetics or name passed on.

  11. Brian, an amazing piece. I was curious as to the evidence that the brothers actually made this pact.

    Fascinating story! Such a shame that they have to live in shame and fear for something in which they had absolutely no involvement whatsoever.

  12. What I wanted to know is this: Considering AH's antisemitism is it however possible that he had been circumcised?

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