The Greatest Gifts My Dog Gave Me

11188249_10153324801303028_8613452303814804361_nMy best friend of 14 years has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.   We called her Peanut. She was a rescue dog.  A beagle mix.

When my ex-wife Nikki suggested we get a dog all those years ago, I resisted. I had many excuses. Excuses that hid the truth about why I did not want a pet.  When it came to being loved, I was completely closed off to anything or anyone who offered her love to me, including Nikki.

I did not love myself so how could anyone or anything, even a dog, love me? I was hiding from myself in the abyss of alcohol, drugs and bulimia for nearly half my life — since I was 19.  Nikki knew none of these things.  I was a master at hiding.  However, she knew I had built a wall, preventing her from getting close to me.  She hoped the unconditional love of a dog would tear that wall down.

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