The Final Solution

demjanjukdemjanmugThe Final Solution began with Wanasee Conference in 1942.  It ended 6 million deaths later. It will play out one more time in what will probably be the last  major Nazi war Crimes trial of our lifetimes. It may be the most publicized since 1962 when  Adolph Eichman was tried in an Israeli court for  crimes against humanity and war crimes. He was convicted and hanged.  His trial was televised around the world.

A German Court has issued a warrant seeking extradition or deportation of retired Ohio autoworker John Demjanjuk. He  was charged with 29,000 counts of acting as an accessory to murder while working as a guard at the Sobibor Nazi death camp in occupied Poland.  Demjanjuk, 88, lives in a Cleveland suburb.  He  denies involvement in the deaths and claims he is too sick to travel if deported or extradited.

Demjanjuk’s apparent final travel stop in a German court has followed a bizarre and lengthy  path.  He  was wrongly convicted of being the Nazi death camp guard “Ivan the Terrible” and sentenced to death in Israel.  The Israeli Supreme Court later overturned the conviction, saying another man was probably “Ivan,” a sadistic guard at the Treblinka death camp where 870,000 people died.  He returned to the United States and had his citizenship restored.  He was stripped again of his U.S. citizenship again in 2002, with a judge ruled that he had worked as a guard at other death camps. The problem up to now has been that no country would take him.  Edward Nishnic, a spokesman for Demjanjuk’s family once stated:

This is taking it to the ridiculous……. It’s another form of harassment against a very and very frail man.”

His wife Vera told told a German newspaper:

“His brain is not functioning correctly. One day he recognizes everything, the next day he has forgotten it all. He goes to the doctor for injections once a week, otherwise he wouldn’t be around much longer.”

There is no doubt that there is sympathy and support for Demjanjuk due to his age and failing health.  Should there be?   Should the passage of time mitigate punishment for war crimes so heinous that they shock the conscience?   I personally do not think so.  The United States should grant extradition of John Demjanjuk or deport him.  He should be forcibily removed from this country on a stretcher if need be.  The  ultimate conclusion of the Final Solution at a minimum should require that John Demjanjuk be forced to look into the eyes of the few still  alive who witnessed his brutality.  If none are alive then their decsendants.  That is the minimum that justice requires.


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  1. It's funny to think that people feel pity because it was a long time ago. In reality, if justice had prevailed in the first place, he wouldn't have had the cush life in the Ohio suburbs that he has had.

    My vote: he's old, lets just let history be history. He can continue to collect US social security. And I wonder why I have 33% taken out of my paycheck every other week. Geez!

  2. Brian, I agree with you that he should be deported to answer to his crimes. I don't really care what condition he is in. Did he care about the people he subjected to far worse?

  3. how many frail old men died horrible deaths at the hands of such men. Fascists are an abomonation and must be delt with regardless of the passing of time.

  4. Your blog is well written. I agree 100% that at a minimum, the man responsible for so much pain should at least be forced to be confronted and confront his own conscience. How was he "wrongly convicted as "Ivan the Terrible?" I have skepticism about many court cases and that is my only concern about cases in which so much time has passed, not that a guilty person deserves to be mitigated of damages, but that so many facts and witnesses are lost. I like to think with time, facts can be revealed but often -not necessarily this case – facts become just as blurred and faded as people's memories.

  5. Are you a complete idiot Micah or are you just impersonating one? Go back to school, learn to read, then actually read the post and you might learn something. I am also sure the internet or your classroom is just abuzz at your opinions of my brother's guilt or innocence. I suspect there is some little pond in which your opinion matters. You own a dog right?

  6. Micah, what does his brother have to do with this? Nothing! You are not only dishonoring yourself, but the memory of those that this man, may have helped kill. Regardless of the reason, murder is murder…whether you are doing you job or not!

    Each individual must be tried and sentenced for his crimes on EARTH, as it is in heaven. I could only be so lucky, as Demjanjuk, and live such a long life after committing such heinous crimes. ALL GUARDS WHO HELPED TO KILL MILLIONS, SHOULD BE PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!

    1. I understand the guys point, it was just a moronic analogy totally devoid of any thought process such as would be expected from a 13 year old.(maybe he is) Mark is not facing criminal liability and the guy has in fact been stripped of his U.S. citizenship based on the same facts and indicted in Germany. I suspect he is just a comment troll.

  7. there is evidence in one case [this prision guy], there isn't in another [your brother]…in my OPINION! Speculation, Assumption, YES! Not exactly evidence. It was childish… I understood the guys point too, but yea, he seems like a Troll! EIther way, when he lost his citizenship for being found, in FACT, guilty of working as a guard…he should have received a deportation to Germany. Eventhough, he got off once…he was still proven guilty. It should be his way of making amends for his actions!!!

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