The Biggest Insurance Scam Of All Time

The biggest and most horrific insurance scam of all time began about 70 years  ago and is still being perpetrated present day to rip off families of those murdered in the Holocaust.  In the one of the biggest examples of historical hutzpah, insurance companies who wrote policies to holocaust victims  are refusing to honor any claim in which documents they knew would probably never be produced in selling the policy, can not be produced.

Foreign Insurance companies such as Allianz, AXA and Generali are refusing to pay insurance claims on policies because death certificates can not be produced and in many cases the policies are long lost or destroyed by the Nazis.  As we all know from either study, movies or television, the Nazis did not provide death certificates to those they murdered in the Holocaust.  These insurance companies had no issue taking the money and now wish to be unjustly enriched on the graves of the murdered with no opportunity for families of victims to respond.  There is no opportunity for two reasons.  The official claims process while unjust and arbitrary in it’s own right, was officially closed in 2004.  The bigger and most time pressing reason is that survivors are prohibited by law from suing the insurance companies directly in Federal court.  One of the reasons behind the legislation was to force survivors to go through the International Commission for Holocaust Era Insurance Claims.  To date only 306.24 million paid to survivors out of an estimated valued owed in 2003 of 19 billion.  The fund stopped accepting claims and appeals in 2004.  This is a travesty.

Two bills are pending that would remove this prohibition.  HR 890 entitled the Holocaust Insurance Accountability Act of 2011 and SB 466 entitled the “Restoration of Legal Rights for Claimants under Holocaust-Era Insurance Policies Act of 2011”  Both of these bills would remove the bar and allow survivors to sue the foreign  insurance companies directly in Federal Court if certain criteria are met.  Time is running out to prevent Holocaust victims from being victimized yet again by Insurance Companies  such as Allianz who not only profited off of  their deaths but actually insured the death camps.  Please contact your representatives and voice support for these bills before it is too late.  This would not force insurance companies to pay but simply allow survivors to sue them in federal court and make their cases.

Never forget.





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