The Ambulance Chaser

Allow me to introduce you to Jason Feldman. He has a reputation as a lawyer clients can trust—Jason also has a side hustle as a courier for an Uber-like service, WARP, but instead of picking up passengers, he delivers cocaine to a discreet, upscale clientele, which helps support his own drug habit and pay for his dementia ravaged father’s nursing care.

Jason’s world is suddenly turned upside down when the remains of Heather Brody, a high school classmate who went missing decades ago, are uncovered at a construction site.

Heather’s death was no accident—and, in a flash, Jason finds himself accused of her murder.

There is one person who knows what really happened on the night of Heather’s disappearance, and who killed her. His name is David, and he was Jason’s best friend in high school. David however, has vanished into thin air—or worse. Before long, Jason fears that his District Attorney ex-wife is in danger. But then the murderer sets his sights on Jason’s son, Sam.

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