“The Addicted Lawyer” Part I-Law School Chaos

BrianCubanThis is part one in a new blog series about my journey through law school and as a practicing attorney while also dealing with mental health challenges. I went through the law school process when the word “recovery” in a competitive, graduate education environment was virtually unheard of beyond quiet, whispered circles. While there is still stigma to be broken, today there are resources available at schools both undergraduate and graduate that I never dreamed of. It is my hope that by sharing my experiences I will empower both law students and lawyers to deal with their challenges and seek help. Even in the most competitive of environments, seeking help is not shameful or weak. That first step forward is the epitome of strength and courage. Give yourself that chance.

 September 1986. A beautiful, brisk and sunny fall day in my hometown of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I was sweating like it was the worst, humid July-day Pittsburgh had to offer. I walked through the wide glass doors of the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law. I was a officially a first year law student, a “1L.”

I was lost and overwhelmed before I had finished my first step into the expansive lobby. Not unusual feelings for a twenty-five year old entering a new phase of life, especially the stressful and competitive law school environment. My reasons were not the usual ones.

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