Talking To Your Children About Bullying


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  1. Bullies have always been around so talking to your children about it is a continual thing based on age as to how much they can understand. I find 4 main issues, what to do if they are bullied, what to do if they see someone else being bullied and not to bully. The fourth is not to tell them stories you find humerous about you and your friends bulling someone in school to see if they could make the person run away everytime they saw you and to be mad at your sons if they walked away from a fight. I did not do this. This was my father. My brothers and I somehow did not end up being bullies. We just knew it was wrong. I guess when your dad tells your to not let the principal hear your last name, you just know he did some bad things in school, minor in comparison to today, but still wrong.

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