Taking My Sobriety To Southbeach

My trip to Miami and South Beach for the NBA Finals has been unique for me on a couple levels.   The obvious is that  this Dallas Mavericks playoff run has been an incredible experience.  It has brought the city and fans together like no sporting event I have ever seen including the 2006 run.  It has infused the city of Dallas  with vigor and buzz.

The second is that the 2011 Finals mark a huge sobriety milestone for me in coming to Miami.  I did not come to the 2006 Finals in Miami.  I did not come, because I did not think I could handle it from a sobriety standpoint.   As I write this, I have been sober for over 4  years.  I was not sober in 2006 but I wanted to be.

In the years running up to the 2006 Finals, I was a regular visitor to South Beach.  I was also regularly drunk and hungover every night and morning I was here.  Sometimes wandering the streets in the early a.m because I was too drunk to remember where I was staying.   Once I got sober, I thought it best not to return to the scene of the crime and much stupidity for a while.  Too many temptations. Too much fire to burn me.   I stayed away for 5 years.  I took the same tact with Vegas where I also did a lot of damage to my body and wallet.  I finally did return to Vegas for a convention 3 years into my sobriety  It was a completely different experience sober. I considered it a milestone in my recovery.  I want to live life without  being afraid of myself and situations. Now comes South Beach.  Not a problem at all.  Spent Saturday night in my hotel room watching the tube.  Not because I was afraid of putting myself in the insanity pot but because I had no desire to.  Another milestone.   Hoping the Mavs achieve their milestone while I am here, bringing back the Larry O’Brien Trophy. I will have a Diet Coke to celebrate.



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  1. Brian, thank you so much for sharing this – and God bless you. This will be o encouraging to others who struggle with their bsck-stabbing "best friend" and "lover" – alcohol.

  2. Best to you, Mark. Have a great trip and enjoy that Diet Coke! And I agree that staying sober is easier than getting sober.

  3. Best to you, Mark. Have a great trip and enjoy that Diet Coke! And I agree that staying sober is easier than getting sober.

  4. Brian, we used to get drunk starting out as social drinkers.It got worse..I got so sick of it..hated the hangovers.Hated myself..I finally decided to stop and husband did too..The biggest problem was we lost friends that got drunk..We went through some bad losses in our family. I thought about starting back but I didn't. Im glad I didn't. We got drunk many times in vegas before we quit..When you get drunk you think you are smarter,better looking and funnier.But you are not..
    Good for you that you quit. Don't you feel better in the morning? It feels so much better to be sober.

  5. Brian: Congrats on the personal success in handling South Beach. I was doing an interview today discussing New York politics when I congratulated the Cuban family on the Mavs championship, and suggested that Anthony Weiner might want to give his $5 million campaign fund to the Fallen Patriot Fund, have Mark match it. and have the money do some very positive things.

    Regards, Larry Kelly

  6. Brian, good for you. I'm a tee-totaler as well, which is not easy in the military. No regrets, though.

  7. Brian you have served a great inspiration to many people who have such great party oppertunities that lead to lasting damage, I have felt inspired, motivated, and dont feel so alone saying “i’ll pass” when I comes to the proverbial all night bender.

    I have been free of Alcohol for only 1 year and I can’t wait till I am really in control, and saying no to Vegas and South beach, again I agree, staying away sometimes is the best way of not letting temptation dictate my actions!

    Thanks again Brian, we appreciate your thoughts and motivation in making change!

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