Facebook: Holocaust Denial Should Be Discussed Openly

Would we rather holocaust denial was discussed behind closed doors or quietly propagated by anonymous sources? Or would we rather it was discussed in the open on Facebook where people’s real names and their photo is associated with it for their friends, peers, and colleagues to see?”

Forgetting The Holocaust

According to Fox News a survey of around 1,000 Britain high school students aged 11 to 16 found 10 percent of youngsters were unsure of what Auschwitz was and 2 percent thought it was a brand of beer.

The Face(book) of Holocaust Denial

The ugly face of Holocaust Denial is still smiling across the globe over 63 years after the last concentration camp was liberated at the end of World War II

Giving The Nazis Naming Rights

The NFL’s New York Jets and New York Giants are in the mist of naming right negotiations for their new 1.3 billion dollar stadium slated to open in 2010.


 A report from the U.S. State Department details “an upsurge” across the world of anti-Semitism — hostility and discrimination toward Jewish people.    This report was presented to Congress  was dedicated to the memory of  U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos, a survivor of the Holocaust, the extermination of 6 million Jews during World War I   Congressman Lantos […]