Six Years Sober-What Really Matters

Brian-Cuban-8193-1Six Years Sober today. Six years removed from chaos and looking down into that dark, endless abyss.  It has not been an easy climb out, but as I learned to do that first difficult year of sobriety, all I can do it take it one day at at time and put one foot in front the other.  There have been, and there still are other challenges. Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Eating Disorders. Cocaine Addiction and Clinical Depression.  Each an individual battle in itself.  The potpourri of mental illness could have convinced me to throw in the towel. I almost did.  If I had done so,  I would have missed the best part of my life that had not yet been written.  I would have also missed the most important thing in the world to me after my sobriety.  My family.  My girlfriend who stood by me when it would have been so easy to walk away from the idiot addict I was.  My parents and brothers who have stood by me at every turn whether it was into traffic or finding the open lane. I love them all and am the luckiest guy in the world today to be sitting here getting to celebrate my father’s eighty-seventh birthday with my brothers.  Six years ago I could not have said it.  If I had, it would have been a lie.  I look forward to the future. The same as I started.  One step in front of the other.  One day at a time



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  1. It takes a strong, honorable man to be vulnerable and allowing your experiences to help others. Great job Brian!

  2. Good for you and all of your loved ones. Couldn't agree with you more about your girlfriend. She is worth changing your life for. She must have had faith that you were worth the sacrifice. She has always had a good head on her shoulders.

  3. That is awesome Brian. You have conquered your addictions but not the root cause of your addictions that lies in your powerful subconscious mind, if not resolved there can cause you to relapse in the future. 18 years I worked as a additions counselor I was not able to help my clients the way I have been since I have incorporated PSYCH-K process in my practice. This process nips it in the bud-the subconscious mind that has the reasons why we become addicted to various things and behaviors. Feel free to visit my website at I am sharing this information with lots of love!

    1. with all due respect Rita, you don't know me. How could you possibly know what underlying issues I've addressed.

  4. May you have many more sober birthdays!

    I've got almost 23 years now. Meth and Budweiser nearly took me down. Don't drink or use one day at a time and everything else will probably work out.

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