I Need To Lose A Few Pounds-Where’s My Feeding Tube?

I know eating disorders.  I have suffered from both bulimia and anorexia.  I graduated from  living on 600 or so calories a day to sticking my finger down my throat.  It all stemmed from my obsession to fit in and be accepted.  To achieve what can’t be achieved through body change.  The mind has to change.  Not the body.

I  am not a psychiatrist but I feel comfortable in stating that anyone who is sticking a feeding tube down his/her throat to achieve the same result that I stuck my finger down my throat for whether it be for a wedding or any other aesthetic reason has the mindset of an eating disorder simply manifested in a different manner.  Any doctor who  tells me that it is a physically and mentally safe procedure to put an otherwise healthy person on a feeding tube to lose weight is full of dog do-do and should have his/her medical license revoke for “doing harm”.

This is really just another extension of society’s unhealthy preoccupation with the looks of others and how others perceive us.  I was part and am part of that obsession. Once it is ingrained in your mind it really never really goes away.  You simply find healthy ways to channel it.  Despite the preoccupation, I know this much.   The only time you will see a feeding tube down my throat is if there is a medically necessary reason for it.  Shame on these doctors.  I empathize with their patients for the inability to overcome the obsession. I pity them for their choice.  The obsession will always be the obsession. It won’t end there.


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  1. Just had a co-worker tell me about this weight loss method yesterday. I recalled seeing a segment of some news magazine a few months ago that highlighted this insanity (another WTF for sure). If we want to lose weight, we just need to eat less and exercise more (I should know since I've been trying to lose 20 pounds for the past few years, but just can't give up the carbs that I love and I'm not a big fan of exercise).

    I'm definitely not vain enough to have a feeding tube inserted and wear it for weeks at a time. I agree with you that the doctors pushing this method are at fault and should be penalized. Thanks for your humorous and insightful comments.

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