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hitler460hitlerfamilyI never thought I would be arguing for the rights of Adolf Hitler.

A three year old boy named Adolf Hitler Campbell by his parents as well as his two sisters who were also given “Nazified” names were removed from the custody of their parents by New Jersey Youth And Family Services.  The “unique” names of the children were first brought to national light when ShopRite supermarket refused to sell them a birthday cake with Adolf Hitler’s name on it. It is unknown if the children’s names were the sole reason for the removal.  There were no previous official complaints of any type of abuse in the family.

Let us start with the fact that parents who would give their children such a name are either  racist, anti-Semitic, mentally unbalanced or a combination of the three.  It is possible they are simply Nazi history buffs but my money is on the first three. None of these in themselves constitute child abuse, or constitute an imminent danger to the children.  Is that not what we are talking about when the state takes the extreme action of  removing children from the home?  Is there an immediate danger to the children?  I am not a family law attorney but I suspect the standard has to rise above an “uncomfortable upbringing”  Does naming your child Adolf Hitler(as a middle name)  constitute the type of  abuse in itself to warrant removal from the home?   If this were enough itself , half the stars in Hollywood would be guilty of child abuse for naming giving their children whacked out names that will make things difficult for them growing up.   Does the State have the power to force the parents to change the name or get a court order on their own changing the name?  If the parents state that using Hitler as a middle name was a form of political expression can the state intervene?  There are constitutional issues here on a number of levels. The right to privacy and freedom of expression to name a couple. There has to be more going on than meets the eye.  I suspect that there was enough of an outcry when  the national spotlight was on the family Hitler that prompted Youth and Family Services to take a close look at the family.  It would not be shocking that the mental instability flowing from parents who would give such names to their children also manifested itself  in more egregious abuse that did put the children in danger.  If this was not the case, this was the ultimate abuse in state authority.

I wonder what the only decedents of Adolf Hitler living in the United States would have to say about this. They  are alive and well in Long Island, New York living quietly under assumed names.  I suspect that the Campbells  are now wishing they had baked their own birthday cake for little Adolph’s party.


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  1. Sorry Brian, I believe naming your child Adolf Hitler constitutes probable cause (that the parents are unfit). Children have too few rights vs. parents imo.

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  2. Brian,

    I would suspect that you were right in your assessment that Social Services must have found some other grounds other than the names of the children to warrant taking them away.

    Although, it does bring to light that our rights in this country continue to be stripped away as the American sheeple allow their representatives to pass laws, seemingly at will, that supposedly give us more security, but whole heartedly destroy the Constitution and the freedom our fore fathers fought so bravely for.

    Please keep us posted on anything you might be able to find out about this story as a follow up post.

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  3. I would argue that indoctrinating in hatred is abuse. It's psychological abuse. I'm pretty sure there's no statute against it, which speaks only to the bogus protection afforded children by the flagrantly abusive state. The psychological abuse will though in most cases result in physical injury eventually. The state stealing people's children though is inexcusable. If the state feels a parent is failing they should enforce parental education, not do one worse and kidnap their children. It seems to me the fascist loving parents are agents of this fascist state and intently distracting media coverage from what's really important like the now completely melted North Pole Sea Ice, the impending Ice Age due the Ocean dilution and slowing current, industrial pollution causing all of the preceding, mercury in the food supply due coal pollution, most of humanity being iodine deficient, dessertification due herding, animal agricultures vast destruction, the mass extinction that is underway due climate change, Colony Collapse disorder (Bee extinction). Instead of people becoming aware of the real issues threatening humanity and their solutions, the media keeps serving up McStories of nil importance, that are intended to sway people to gravitate toward allowing fascist dominion. All these newly progressive people who just voted what they think is a black man into the presidency, do you think they support racist indoctrination of children? Of course not. So they will expectantly lean toward viewing the state as just in kid napping these kids. When the state comes around to kid nap their kids for similarly never legislated offenses, which then gets backed up by the widely corrupt courts, they'll surely have a different view. But that's what this story is all about. Casting an air of suspicion on parents whom the state decides to take their children. And popularizing the notion that the state can kid nap children regardless of whether the parents broke any law. So ultimately this story comes down to "Would a rose smell as sweet by another name?" AND How fascist leaning and how gullible are The People really?

  4. Are you kidding!?!? How does that NOT constitute child abuse?

    If you cover your child with steak and sausages (just stay with me here) and let them loose in the neighbourhood, are you not responsible for the eventual dogs that will chase them, terrorize them and tear them to shreds? Is naming your child Adolf Hitler and therefore setting him up for *certain* and *harsh* eventual abuse by others not the same thing?

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