Jenny Is Fifteen And Has Anorexia. She Wants To Live. Her Parents NEED Her To Live.

“Jenny” is a pseudonym to protect her privacy. Jenny’s thirteenth birthday was wonderful. At 13, she loved Japanese food, and going to a hibachi grill with her family and friends from her dance class was a great time. Everyone laughed, told stories and enjoyed life the way happy “tweens” are expected to. Like many with […]

Six Great Movies About Addiction

As some people know, I am in long-term recovery from both heavy alcohol and cocaine use. I am also in recovery from both anorexia and bulimia, all wrapped around a diagnosis of body dysmorphic disorder. My sobriety date is April 8th 2007.

“The Addicted Lawyer” Part I-Law School Chaos

September 1986. A beautiful, brisk and sunny fall day in my hometown of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I was sweating like it was the worst, humid July-day Pittsburgh had to offer. I walked through the wide glass doors of the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law. I was a officially a first year law student, a “1L.”

Do You Have Body Dysmorphia?

I am just one guy out of many men and women who struggles with Body Dysmorphic Disorder( BDD), a condition that often begins in adolescence and affects as many as 1–2% of the population

We Can All Be The Dancing Man

As was demonstrated by the incredible outpouring of pubic support, we can all be the dancing man and think about what he is feeling before we open our mouths or post that photo.

Return To Happy Valley

I spoke to students about that journey. About my recovery. I spoke to myself. I spoke to that nineteen-year-old student. I had come full circle. It finally, was truly, Happy Valley.