We Need Compassion More Than Ever

I am one of many lawyers who struggle with depression. I say “many” because according to the 2016  Hazelden Betty Ford/ABA study, 28 percent of attorneys report mild or higher levels of depression, which is a greater percentage than the general population. I am also in recovery from severe alcohol use disorder, commonly known as […]

A Letter To My Siblings

When we were kids, our dad said to us often in one form or another to always stay in touch. He said that no matter where our journeys took us, we should pick up the phone to check on each other. We should let each other know we are there for them. We should be […]

The Greatest Gift My Father Gave Me

I am often asked the role family played in my recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. It’s an  important question. We know that while families do not cause addiction, they can play an important role in recovery, even in subtle ways. There is no magic formula to determine when everything will come together in that […]

From The Clubs To The Courtroom

Michelle is a criminal defense lawyer in Tampa, Florida. Her sobriety date is July 21, 2015. She says, “I didn’t begin drinking until I was 20 years old. I first drank when I was 16. I got wasted on the beach with a bunch of friends and spent the next two days sick in bed. […]

I Am A Lawyer In Recovery And I Refuse To Be Anonymous

I regularly feature inspirational stories from lawyers and law students in recovery.  Chad Anderson is a lawyer practicing in Tempe, Arizona. He has been in long-term recovery from alcohol since 1999. Chad says: “I started drinking at age 15 and drank steadily more from there. I lived a fairly functional drunken college life, but eventually […]

Assistant District Attorney Fired After Uber Confrontation

On November 11th,  a Dallas County Assistant District Attorney was fired after an alcohol fueled confrontation with an Uber Driver.  The driver recorded part of the confrontation.  It’s  not the first time that such a confrontation has made national news. Who can forget the Miami doctor who found herself front page news and was fired  […]

Is Addiction A Choice?

I was recently asked what has disappointed me the most as an addiction and recovery awareness advocate. Without out a doubt, it is the number of people in and out of the legal profession who view addiction as a choice and moral failing.  A illustration of why it is not is the first time I […]