Loneliness Is Spiking: Pledge To Lend An Ear

More than ever, we need to be there for our colleague’s friends and loved ones.  There is a huge difference between solitude by choice and being forced into it.  The latter can result in intense feelings of loneliness that can exacerbate underlying mental health issues in a profession already beset with mental health issues higher […]

Jeffrey Epstein Did Not “Commit” Suicide

Not long ago, I spoke at a wellness event in Missoula Montana. The audience was primarily bar association executives.  Prior to the talk, I chatted with someone about a family tragedy she had experienced, having lost someone close to her to suicide. I, of course, preach for discussing such things with the proper, non-stigmatizing language […]

When Not Minding Your Own Business Isn’t Enough

The State Bar of Texas has lost another lawyer to suicide.  I and many others have lost a friend. His family has lost a loving husband and father.  Andy Krasfur was a great lawyer and visionary entrepreneur in the running shoe industry.  He also battled bipolar disorder and related mental health issues, particularly, depression. I […]

Suicide As A Selfish Act?

I won’t rehash the facts of my awful summer of 2005. My brothers dragging me kicking and screaming to a psychiatric facility. You can read about it here. I will instead focus on my state of mind at that time. I remember. I  ordered my psychiatric records from that visit. They were not pretty to […]

I’m Alive Because People Did Not Mind Their Own Business

Whenever there is a high profile, celebrity suicide in the news, the social media reactions are fairly predictable. Shock. Disbelief.  Thoughts and prayers to the family. Wondering how someone who outwardly “had everything” could be depressed. Statements of how selfish the person was (especially if children are left behind). It irritates me when people parse […]