As Sick As Our Secrets

My friend thought his physical problems were the side effects of our cocaine and alcohol binges. He was wrong.

Sobriety at 60

I’m now sixty years old. Where the hell did all the years go?  

Looking Forward to Senior Sober

In less than six months, I will turn sixty years old. I never dreamed that was possible in the abyss of drug and alcohol addiction.

You Are Enough and Always Will Be

I suspect that talking to your inner child is not something most males are comfortable with. Lawyers can be even more closed off to that process.

Addiction: From the Trivial to the Tragic

Winter 2004. Las Vegas. Miami. Los Angeles. All places that hide my secrets. Drugs delivered to my hotel room in Vegas. Coke deals done with quick hand-to-hand exchanges under the cover of darkness just feet from the calming waves of the ocean in South Beach.

Wait Until You Get My Bill

We allowed our father to pass with as much dignity as is possible under the relentless assault of advancing dementia

Moot Court Mayhem

I’m probably not the first law student to argue their first-year moot court intoxicated, but I’m probably in an elite group in that regard.