Reflections At Thirteen Years Sober

On April 8th I celebrated my abstinence-based, thirteen years in long term recovery from alcohol, cocaine, and bulimia (Yes, males develop eating disorders). I reflect with mixed feelings as it also falls on what would be the ninety-fourth birthday of my late father whose passing eighteen months ago is still fairly raw and painful. Of […]

The Legal Profession’s 12-Step Problem

When I began my drug and alcohol recovery in 2007, my therapist provided two options, 12-step or residential treatment.  I chose the former and along with therapy have come to lead a self-directed life in recovery achieving what I could not envision on day one. There is no question that the connections in the 12-step […]

Working Your Recovery Online

I have on more than one occasion, encountered lawyers/law students struggling with alcohol or drugs, who want support, but are not ready to venture out into a more public recovery world whether it be counseling, mutual-aid(12-step) etc. They are stigmatized and afraid that to do so, will risk someone finding out and jeopardize careers.  One […]

Using The Power Of Story To Break Stigma

I am often asked how law firms can empower employees to be more comfortable coming forward with mental health issues. How can they break through the fear and stigma that inhibits the healing process? The firms want to be a part of that process. Many have tools to help with it. There are wonderful, practical […]

A Morning Reflection On 12-Years Of Sobriety

April 8th. My Tabby is asleep, curled at my shoulder. Her paw draped over both eyes. The darkness of a sun not yet crossing the horizon makes it easy to keep my head on the pillow. I don’t want to get out of bed. So many emotions running through me. Sleep is a time-machine of […]

How Are Those New Year Resolutions Going?

You are now nine-days into your New Year’s Resolutions (If you make them) I’ve done a lot of “resoluting” in my life.  I loved and hated hem. I adored the hope and fantasy of a new Brian (As I defined that). I despised the loss of  hope that inevitably followed. In college and law school […]

I Loved And Hated New Years Resolutions

I loved and hated New Year’s resolutions.  I loved the hope and fantasy of a new Brian. I hated the loss of that hope. I remember my resolutions in college and law school. Study harder. Be more outgoing. Make some friends. Drink less. Get drunk less. Stop binging and purging (I was bulimic). Lose lots […]

Realizing Your Dreams In Recovery

If you would have asked me as an 18-year-old what my dreams and aspirations were as I walked out the doors of Mt. Lebanon High School in 1979, they would have been rooted in pain and loneliness. To one day hold the hand of a girl who liked me. To have my first kiss. To […]

What Happened To The Tolerance In Recovery?(Guest Post)

What is recovery? For so many people, it doesn’t just mean getting sober. It means adopting a new lifestyle of constant self-improvement not just to remain sober, but also to lead a happier, healthier life. It’s a process of learning how to better ourselves. The question is, how many different ways are there to do […]