Homeless on Heroin to Law Student

It’s an excellent time for an uplifting story of recovery, resilience, and redemption.   Domenick  is a third-year law student at Seton Hall. “I used to wake up every day at 3 am, cold, angry, and sweaty. Cold because my body was withdrawing due to the lack of opiates I had ingested in the previous hours. […]

Shattering The Myth Of The Addicted Baby

The other day I caught the headline about a class-action against 20 pharmaceutical companies. Nothing earth shaking there. These lawsuits are well-publicized. What caught my eye was the first nine words of the story. Words that when I see them used in the media, make me cringe not only for the child, but because it’s […]

The Opioid Addicted Law Student

In some ways, Charles was a law student who would make a proud parent He graduated with Latin honors. He swept his 2L intra-school Moot Court competition. He was a Summer Associate at a V100 firm in New York City. He says: “I was everyone’s friend.” No one could have guessed that two months before […]