Wait Until You Get My Bill

We allowed our father to pass with as much dignity as is possible under the relentless assault of advancing dementia

Moot Court Mayhem

I’m probably not the first law student to argue their first-year moot court intoxicated, but I’m probably in an elite group in that regard.

The Ambulance Chaser

Allow me to introduce you to Jason Feldman. He has a reputation as a lawyer clients can trust—Jason also has a side hustle as a courier for an Uber-like service, WARP, but instead of picking up passengers, he delivers cocaine to a discreet, upscale clientele, which helps support his own drug habit and pay for his […]

We Need Compassion More Than Ever

I am one of many lawyers who struggle with depression. I say “many” because according to the 2016  Hazelden Betty Ford/ABA study, 28 percent of attorneys report mild or higher levels of depression, which is a greater percentage than the general population. I am also in recovery from severe alcohol use disorder, commonly known as […]

It’s Ok To Have A Good Cry

I am the “crier” in the family. I wear it all on my sleeve. I shed tears at movie trailers. A few notes of music can turn me into a blubbering mess.  Anything that takes me back to a specific memory of growing up with my brothers or a moment with my late father, is […]

Dealing With Regret

I am often asked if I have “regrets” about my past and my behavior in active addiction. If I could turn back the clock, would I do things differently?  If I look at my history in a vacuum, from a simple behavioral standpoint, the answer is yes. Of course, I have regrets.  Life, however, doesn’t […]