The Intersection of Failure and Resilience

I was recently asked how I was able to pass the Texas Bar Exam(finally) while also struggling with cocaine addiction and Alcohol Use Disorder(alcoholism). Here is my answer.

Looking Forward to Senior Sober

In less than six months, I will turn sixty years old. I never dreamed that was possible in the abyss of drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction: From the Trivial to the Tragic

Winter 2004. Las Vegas. Miami. Los Angeles. All places that hide my secrets. Drugs delivered to my hotel room in Vegas. Coke deals done with quick hand-to-hand exchanges under the cover of darkness just feet from the calming waves of the ocean in South Beach.

Building Resilience in Chaos

I often hear that resilient people, like great salespeople, are born not made. Nothing could be further from the truth.