The Intersection of Failure and Resilience

I was recently asked how I was able to pass the Texas Bar Exam(finally) while also struggling with cocaine addiction and Alcohol Use Disorder(alcoholism). Here is my answer.

Recovery Rocks

The spring 1986, I walked out the doors of the University of the Pittsburgh School of Law swearing never to return. That may be a familiar sentiment of law students at many schools, but for me, I carried more than a degree. There was the baggage of alcoholism, two eating disorders, and major depressive episodes. […]

You Are Enough and Always Will Be

I suspect that talking to your inner child is not something most males are comfortable with. Lawyers can be even more closed off to that process.

Moot Court Mayhem

I’m probably not the first law student to argue their first-year moot court intoxicated, but I’m probably in an elite group in that regard.

Homeless on Heroin to Law Student

It’s an excellent time for an uplifting story of recovery, resilience, and redemption.   Domenick  is a third-year law student at Seton Hall. “I used to wake up every day at 3 am, cold, angry, and sweaty. Cold because my body was withdrawing due to the lack of opiates I had ingested in the previous hours. […]

It’s Ok To Have A Good Cry

I am the “crier” in the family. I wear it all on my sleeve. I shed tears at movie trailers. A few notes of music can turn me into a blubbering mess.  Anything that takes me back to a specific memory of growing up with my brothers or a moment with my late father, is […]