You Are Enough and Always Will Be

I suspect that talking to your inner child is not something most males are comfortable with. Lawyers can be even more closed off to that process.

It’s Ok To Have A Good Cry

I am the “crier” in the family. I wear it all on my sleeve. I shed tears at movie trailers. A few notes of music can turn me into a blubbering mess.  Anything that takes me back to a specific memory of growing up with my brothers or a moment with my late father, is […]

Coping With Mortality Anxiety

I recently rolled out of bed, after a good night’s sleep, which have become harder to come by during this pandemic. With the exception of my aching, artificial hip, I felt pretty good. Then I got on my Facebook and Twitter feed, reminding me of “viral” trauma and suffering on multiple levels. Suddenly, I was […]

Loneliness Is Spiking: Pledge To Lend An Ear

More than ever, we need to be there for our colleague’s friends and loved ones.  There is a huge difference between solitude by choice and being forced into it.  The latter can result in intense feelings of loneliness that can exacerbate underlying mental health issues in a profession already beset with mental health issues higher […]

Dealing With Social Isolation

Feelings of social isolation are an issue common to law students and lawyers, not to mention people in active addiction. Social isolation can also be a trigger to problematic alcohol and drug use. As a law student struggling with addiction, I felt that the only way I could exist was to drink alone and isolate […]

How Reading Helps Me Stay On The Beam

Fiction and non-fiction reading, as well as audiobooks, are an essential part of my mental health maintenance program. Like many lawyers, much of my reading focused on academic works within my profession. Educational and vital but not exactly mind-expanding outside of that world. There was a time when I was into some fiction. I read […]

Changing The Language Around Suicide

I recently had the honor of addressing lawyer wellness at the law firm of Winston & Strawn.  I was telling my story and was at the part describing being suicidal in the summer of 2005.  I was about to say, “I decided to commit suicide.” I caught myself. Instead, I said, “I decided to end […]

The Lawyer’s Depression Project

I recently became aware of an incredible mental health resource that has been flying under the radar. It is the Lawyers Depression Project (LDP).  It is a grassroots effort to address depression and other mental health issues in the legal profession.  The project is the brainchild of Joseph Milowic III, a partner at the law […]