You Are Enough and Always Will Be

I suspect that talking to your inner child is not something most males are comfortable with. Lawyers can be even more closed off to that process.

What Would You Say To Your High School Bullies?

Stories of childhood bullying are fairly commonplace. What is not commonplace however, is when someone confronts a bully, decades later in a very public setting. That is what happened to Katy ISD Superintendent Lance Hindt. Mr. Hindt was confronted by someone he allegedly bullied severely in high school. The video has gone viral. Thousands have called […]

Will Your Child Become A Bully?

I was bullied without mercy in my tweens and teenage years. It generally centered on my weight. No need to re-detail it here.  I write about it on this blog. I speak about it to anyone who is interested. The bullying ranged from fat shaming and other appearance and intellect based taunts, to an actual […]