Why I Didn’t Ask My Law School For Mental Health Support

An important and courageous guest post from Angela Han that touches on eating disorders, sexual trauma and cultural diversity issues with regards to shame and stigma. In a 2014 study at the Yale Law School, approximately 70% of all respondents who were Yale Law students reported experiencing mental health challenges during law school. Of that […]

Xanax Memories

Years of accumulated change in shoe box. Susan B. Anthony Dollars. Fifty-cent pieces. My first-day desire chip taken from “John G.” sobbing, powerless, and broken. My one and five-year sobriety chips. Worn, corroded pennies, nickels, and dimes. A box of memories. Memories of bouncing a basketball while I stole quarters from my father’s change jar […]

The Addicted Lawyer: Unchained Love

I am pleased to present a new excerpt from my upcoming book,”The Addicted Lawyer”. The usual disclaimers. These excerpts are solely for content preview. These excerpts are not professionally edited. That occurs when I pay someone later. They also may not appear in this form in the published book. While your waiting for this book, […]

When The Media Fat Shames

Let’s try to be more empathetic to the struggles and differences of others and not prop ourselves up for a laugh at their expense. If you can’t be that, try harder just to keep your mouth shut.