Reflections At Thirteen Years Sober

On April 8th I celebrated my abstinence-based, thirteen years in long term recovery from alcohol, cocaine, and bulimia (Yes, males develop eating disorders). I reflect with mixed feelings as it also falls on what would be the ninety-fourth birthday of my late father whose passing eighteen months ago is still fairly raw and painful. Of […]

Loneliness Is Spiking: Pledge To Lend An Ear

More than ever, we need to be there for our colleague’s friends and loved ones.  There is a huge difference between solitude by choice and being forced into it.  The latter can result in intense feelings of loneliness that can exacerbate underlying mental health issues in a profession already beset with mental health issues higher […]

Responsible Recovery In Pandemic Times

**This is not ideal mutual aid support, but these are not ideal times. If you absolutely have to attend recovery meetings in person, it is understandable. Please practice the hygiene protocols set out by the CDC. For those of us whose recovery involves mutual aid support such as the rooms of twelve-step, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents unique […]

Embracing The Cusp Of Senior Sober

In less than a year, I turn sixty-years old. Not quite senior, but certainly approaching the cusp. I have reflected on words my father spoke often to my brothers and me growing up in Pittsburgh. “Today is the youngest you will ever be, live like it.” This was a mindset that escaped me when I […]

Give Dry January A Try!

Disclaimer: For someone who has a severe drinking problem, the sudden stoppage of alcohol intake can cause serious health issues. Please consult a qualified addiction physician before doing so.   What do you feel like the morning after a couple of drinks the night before? Have you ever considered trying a month without booze as […]

Working Your Recovery Online

I have on more than one occasion, encountered lawyers/law students struggling with alcohol or drugs, who want support, but are not ready to venture out into a more public recovery world whether it be counseling, mutual-aid(12-step) etc. They are stigmatized and afraid that to do so, will risk someone finding out and jeopardize careers.  One […]

Unresolved Trauma : A Hidden Gatekeeper To Wellness

If I asked one hundred people how they define “trauma,” I might get eighty different answers. One person might talk about their broken leg. Another would talk about physical or sexual abused. A veteran may talk about a war experience. A bitter divorce. The loss of a  parent, sibling or child.  A beloved pet. It […]

What A “Blackout” Feels Like

The “Boom Boom party room” at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas seems to be swaying back and forth. The Sugar Hill Gang hit, “Rapper’s Delight”, is blasting. I grab the edge of the bar for balance. There is no bartender. Only hands moving in and out of my booze-clouded field of vision. Grabbing half-empty […]