When Addiction Threatens Your Relationship

October 20, 2016.  Florence, Italy. Waiting for her to walk through the door.  My mind drifts back to a time almost a decade earlier. A time of shame and fear. A time when I thought I would never see her again. I reflect on the past struggles and joys that brought me to this moment. […]

My Moot Court Partner Was Jose Cuervo

One of my favorite movie lines is from a 1994 dark comedy entitled Swimming With Sharks. With “sharks” in the title, you might think it’s about lawyers, but it’s actually about the cutthroat world of Hollywood producers. In one particular scene, the character Buddy Ackerman, a top movie executive played by Kevin Spacey, is on […]

The Alcoholic Law Student

Brian Cuban I am often asked if the stress of being a lawyer “caused” me to become an “addicted lawyer.” Here is my answer. Fall, 1983. I’m officially a first-year law student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. I am shy and self-conscious. I bring with me the baggage of a drinking problem, […]